The special wall design with Stucco Veneciano

Wall design with Stucco Veneciano, the original for the classical Venetian smoothing technique in highest perfection. With the historical working method, only one colour tone is applied in several layers, because this is how the typical intensive play of colours is formed in fine nuances – the deep light. It is the fascinating luminosity, as with polished marble, that makes a surface with stucco Veneziano a real treasure. True craftsmanship becomes apparent when the smoothing technique is additionally interspersed with marble veins.
Creative wall design is very much in vogue! Different surface structures break through monotonous surfaces, conjure up noble effects and play with light. Particularly metallic-looking surfaces bring life to any room in an exclusive way.

STUCCO VENEZIANO is a wall coating for interiors that allows the preservation of a decor finish that is unique in its kind and is attached to the stucco in the of Venice’s ancient palaces. Even if ordinary application methods are used, the applied product will appear in the and is characterized by shades and effects, which are different from the Can hang the decorator.
STUCCO VENEZIANO can be applied not only on flat surfaces, but also on special architectural elements such as frames and columns. We have specialised in this area and look forward to new project enquiries!

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– Max Franklinn

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